What You Will Learn

This course will teach you how to write a persuasive press kit that will help you sell and market your book.

  • Create a few sentences about your book that emphasize its selling points

  • Write focused copy that immediately shows how your book is unique

  • Simple process to create your own biographies and take the stress out of taking an author photo

  • Reach out to anyone about your book with your new professional, calling card.

  • A budget friendly tool that may save you thousands of $$$$$.

Course curriculum

    1. Standard Press Release Formatting

    2. Understanding Headlines

    3. Imagining Your Killer Headline

    4. Killer Headline Examples

    5. Writing an Engaging First Paragraph

    6. Writing an Engaging First Paragraph (Continued)

    7. Paragraphs 2 & 3 A Healthy Body

    8. Paragraph 4 Close with a Call-to-Action

    9. Paragraph 4 Close with a Call-to-Action (Continued)

    10. Press Release Pitfalls to Avoid

    1. What's in a bio?

    2. Bio Short Form

    3. Bio- Questions for Thought

    4. Bio Long Form

    5. Bio - Pitfalls to Avoid

    1. Introduction to Author Photos

    2. Wardrobe and Makeup

    3. What is a Signature Item?

    4. Photo Examples

    5. Photo - Pitfalls to Avoid

    1. Final Words and Next Steps

About this course

  • $397.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Bonus Items

Free stuff to help you with the process

  • Bonus material

    $600 value

    One-time free editorial review of your kit with a written commentary delivered via email.

  • Bonus material

    $100 value

    Free templates, examples, downloads, worksheets, and exercises to guide you in the process.

  • Bonus material

    $22 value

    My new book Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does? 3.0.